Complete self-contained system in zipped folder

The fastest way to get up and running is to download a complete example in a single zipped folder (ca 360 kB ). This folder includes the ORCHESTRA executable (.jar file), the standard object database (objects.txt), a thermodynamic database and input files defining  a simple example system.

ORCHESTRA can be started by clicking the orchestra2024.jar file (or the runorchestra.bat file on Windows) within the folder.

You just need a computer with Java 8 installed!

Simple pH-dependent carbonate speciation example

Simple 1d advection example

ORCHESTRA executable

The latest version of the ORCHESTRA2024.jar file  can be downloaded separately here.

This version is backward compatible with earlier versions and should work without changes with existing systems. However, new options (e.g. temperature dependent reactions) require the use of 2023 object and databases files.


ORCHESTRA standard chemical model objects file

This text input file contains the object class definitions for all standard chemical models.

The latest (2024) objects file (text) file can be downloaded here.

Thermodynamic databases in PHREEQC format

From version 2023, ORCHESTRA can directly read databases in PHREEQC format, so the converted versions below are not required for the > 2023 version.

Thermodynamic databases in ORCHESTRA format

For older ORCHESTRA versions the following databases are available in ORCHESTRA format:

Additional databases