In ORCHESTRA you can get output for any variable, for any cell, at any timestep to a user defined text file.


1 Define the cells for which output is generated and the file to which output is written in the concert.xml file:

<Task Name="write_output" Type="OutstreamGroup">


 2 Call the write_output task somewhere in the main calculation loop:

 <Task Name="each_timestep" Type="TaskGroup">
    <DoTask Name="read_input" />
    <DoTask Name="calculate_equilibrium" />
    <DoTask Name="write_output" />


Runnning ORCHESTRA will now generate an output file “output.dat”.

In this “output” file we define the variables for which we want output, and how frequently we want this output.

Before run:

Output_every: 1
Var:     pH      pe    Ca+2.diss

After run:
Output_every: 1
Var:     pH      pe     Ca+2.diss
Data:    5.0     8.4    3.45e-4
Data:    6.0     7.4    8.28e-3
Data:    7.0     6.4    2.96e-2